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Jeff Rutt – The Prestigious Home Builder of Key Custom Homes

Jeff Rutt is the CEO of Key Custom Homes, Construction Company that is based in the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He has also set up HOPE International, a charitable society that aims to reduce the property level in developing countries. He has recently been honored for his notable achievements as home builder by the Pennsylvania Government.
HOPE International, a microfinance institution tender help to people, especially women by mentoring, and training particularly in developing countries. Since its inception in the year 1997, Hope International has transformed the lives of people across the globe. Jeff is involved as a donor in HOPE international activities. Presently, he is working as the Chairman in Hope International.
Due to its exceptional contributions for the society and outstanding management principles, Keystone Homes has won the prestigious award of ‘Best Home builder’ three times in a row by the famous Builder’s Magazine. Jeff Rutt has also served as the president of Lancaster Building Association in the recent past.
Rutt’s Recognition
The senator for Pennsylvania Government Mr. G. E. Armstrong while awarding him stated that his contribution to the society has been appreciated not just in Pennsylvania, but in other countries as well. He also mentioned that Mr. Jeff Rutt is a perfect example for others to emulate.
Jeff has also been awarded with Hearthstone Humanitarian Builder Award for his excellent work, as a builder and a humanitarian. His Key Customs Homes has been highly appreciated by the fellow builders. His dedication seems to grow day by day as he continues offering loans as well as training to people in developing countries in order to reduce poverty.
Rutt’s Contribution towards the society
Keystone Homes has been recognized amongst top 100 builders by the Construction industry’s leading journal, Builder Magazine. Mr. Jeff was recognized as America’s most prestigious Builder thrice by the Builder Magazine. At present his company is constructing homes across 38 communities’ in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster, Dauphin, Cumberland, York, Lebanon and Chester.
The basic fundamentals behind the success of Keystone Homes’ are the motivation to build something beyond a customer’s expectation.
A certain percentage of revenue earned from the sale of each Keystone Homes goes to the charity. With these funds they offer financial assistance in the form of small business loans and business training and help people financially.
As poverty excessively affects women and children, Rutt’s HOPE International emphasizes on women upliftment. Thus, Jeff Rutt’s continued service has earned him the name of Humanitarian builder.

James van Praagh and His Passion to Spread His Knowledge on Paranormal Studies


As a respectable psychic, James van Praagh has become one of the main contributors of the modern paranormal studies and theories that bridge the gaps between life and death. Throughout his professional career, he has already released a number of best-selling books and multimedia programs where he has shared his knowledge on the spiritual dimension. He has also traveled in many parts of the world to host courses, workshops, and seminars that are intended to help people understand many things that science can’t explain. His teachings are dedicated to people having problems with their spiritual encounters as well.

In one of the most remarkable interviews with James van Praagh, he stated that he practices mental mediumship. This means that he can serve as a medium or an interface for people who want to communicate with spirits in the other world, and vice versa. As the name implies, mental mediumship requires a person to use his mind to transmit and receive messages between the two different dimensions. According to him, spirits are used to the extremely fast movement of energies and particles in their world when compared to the real physical world. This explains his conclusion that a medium needs to achieve a deep meditation to open his mind to both worlds at the same time.

Furthermore, James van Praagh also stated in the said interview that there are different types of mental mediumship. These types mainly differ on the sensation associated with the person’s capability of communicating with the spiritual dimension. He said that he focuses on Clairsentience and Clairvoyance mental mediumship, which refer to the possession of a clear feeling and vision, respectively. Being a clairsentient enables a person to feel the thoughts, emotions, and personalities of the spirits of dead people. The feelings behind every message are more important than the words, as the famous paranormal expert added. Meanwhile, a person who is a clairvoyant has the capability of seeing unusual images and formations of light. Some clairvoyants can also visualize events that are about to happen or already happened.

Some people wonder what keeps James van Praagh passionate enough to spread to the world his understanding of the other world. For them, he remarked that his ultimate satisfaction is achieved whenever he sees people he touched experience a spontaneous positive change in their lives. He also admitted that he cares for people who terribly grief on the death of their loved ones or those that are haunted by troubled spirits.


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